From copywriting, to SEO and beyond!

Etymon was born in 2018 when our founder, a previous freelance B2B copywriter, realised every tech geek needs a word geek.

Driven by strong client results and overwhelming demand, Etymon has grown rapidly in less than 3 years. In 2019, we were shortlisted as a finalist for Marketing Magazine’s B2B Agency of the Year and Content Marketing Agency of the Year awards. Within our first two years of operation, we are proud to have provided content writing services for:

  • Promising tech and fintech startups
  • Growing SMEs across Asia Pacific
  • Leading multinational tech companies
  • Singapore-based government institutions
  • Reputable full-service advertising agencies
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What does Etymon mean?

The word, Etymon, originates from Ancient Greek. It means the true sense of a word according to its origin. As a B2B copywriting agency, we want to move away from the cookie-cutter template of overloading unnecessary jargons, incomprehensible acronyms, and inconsistent messaging to one that humanises our client stories and piques the curiosities of their audience and drives them into action.

In 2020, Etymon expanded beyond content writing services and started offering bite-sized SEO services. This service expansion was in response to two sets of client feedback. First, they were having difficulty finding SEO agencies with industry-specific knowledge in the tech and finance space, and second, they felt overwhelmed by the long-term contracts and complexity that SEO agencies were offering.

When do you need to hire a B2B content writer?

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When it comes to tech, finance, and B2B content writing, finding the right level of expertise isn’t easy. Most companies are usually faced with two options: hire a freelance writer, or engage your in-house product experts or marketing teams to develop content.

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The conundrum is, freelance writers generally only work for lighter topics, and many don’t have advanced SEO knowledge. On the other hand, in-house teams are either too busy to develop content consistently, or the content they develop is dry, technical and technical

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That’s why Etymon is laser-focused on tech, finance and B2B copywriting. We’re up-to-date with the latest industry trends, and we have a team of qualified and experienced strategists, SEO-trained content writers, and editors who work in tandem to get you maximum results.

Where can you find our work?

While most of our B2B, tech, and financial writing has been for our clients’ internal publications, such as their websites, industry reports and other marketing assets, some of our content writing has been published on the following sites.

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Every tech geek needs a word geek

Why do we love content writing?

Some call it copywriting, others call it content writing but at Etymon, we prefer to call it plain old writing or communications. After all, the tools and channels may have changed, but the objective hasn’t. To us, digitalisation has made it far too easy to lose sight of the fact that the core principles of communication and buyer behaviour remain the same.

The truth is, while the tools and techniques that we use are new, the thoughts and emotions that we need to appeal to customers are the same today as they were yesterday. A strong sense of empathy and a keen understanding of behavioural psychology is especially important in getting people to change long-ingrained behaviours.

That’s how we give our clients the edge – our content writing services involve writing in a way that makes audiences feel understood, and we amplify that reach by making sure our content writers understand Google bots just as much as they understand the minds of human readers.

Why Etymon loves content writing