Every tech geek needs a word geek

We are the go-to B2B copywriting and SEO agency for anyone wanting to tame tech, financial and business jargon.

Technical writing is our forte

We love understanding the detailed inner workings of technology, finance and business, but we know not everyone shares our enthusiasm. That’s why we made it our mission to make complex information digestible, relatable and memorable. We’ve worked closely with founders, product teams, the C-suite, data scientists and engineers to help them articulate how technology impacts real people.

We understand the challenges for tech startups

B2B marketing services

People often forget that at the end of the B2B marketing funnel awaits an emotionally charged human being – a human being who doesn’t want half a story…

We’re on a mission to inject some personality into B2B marketing.

We help you create the voice of your product, unify marketing communications, and translate complex concepts and industry jargon.

Beyond captivating headlines and a big vocabulary, our content writing team and editors are obsessed with consistency, simplicity, and memorable storytelling.

Our copywriting has appeared in

The Etymon difference

We merge art with science

A deep interest in behavioural psychology allows our content strategist to capture unique viewpoints and reveal the conscious and unconscious effects of communications.

We infuse business with creativity

Our love of business & technology and our passion for words has empowered us to breathe new life into B2B marketing strategies without resorting to overused buzzwords.

We create smarter ideas together

We’ve worked closely with founders, product teams, engineers, data scientists, and C-level leaders to understand their products and develop tactical B2B content marketing solutions.

We are fascinated by technology

But we know not everyone is. Before anyone bows to the expediency of tech, we need to distil your expertise into more simplified, organised, and memorable forms. 

Technology changes over time,
writing does too.

What we were taught in school about writing has changed. Back then, we just put pen to paper and read from front to back. For most of us, search engines weren’t even a thing yet.

Today, there’s character limitations, optimal word lengths, acronyms to decipher, keywords to identify and target, and much shorter attention spans to capture. Readers zig-zag from platform to platform and consume content in entirely new ways.

When it comes to technical copywriting and B2B marketing, the words you use matter.

Our clients

Copywriting that connects

Tech and B2B companies we’ve written for

These projects were managed by full-service marketing, PR, and digital agencies,
Etymon was engaged for copywriting services.

Experience the Etymon effect

If you’re not familiar with the current content writing and SEO optimisation trends, speak to us.
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