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Every tech geek
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We are the go-to B2B copywriting agency for anyone wanting to tame tech, financial, and business jargon – all while improving SEO.

Helping tech founders, product managers, data scientists, engineers, and C-suite executives articulate their technology’s impact.

A copywriting agency that understands tech marketing

Copywriting services is just the beginning

As seasoned technical copywriters, we understand that not all consumers share our enthusiasm for technology, finance or business. That’s why we’ve made it our copywriting agency’s mission to translate complex tech speak into relatable marketing content that will get your audience clicking and reading.

Content strategy & writing services
Content writing services
  • Copy that connects and converts is worth so much more. That's why we endeavour to inject personality into your marketing content while simplifying business jargon.
  • Beyond captivating headlines and word-smithing, our tech, finance, and B2B content writers are obsessed with consistent, memorable, and shareable storytelling no matter what we are writing about.
Bite-sized, affordable SEO services
Bite-sized SEO services
  • Tech, finance & B2B copywriting without SEO is like ice cream cones without the ice cream. So much amazing content gets buried by Google due to a lack of SEO-optimisation.
  • Improve your rank and organic traffic without unnecessary spending. Our SEO specialists and B2B copywriters will audit your website and recommend SEO services specially tailored for your website.
Design, production & branding
Strategy, design and production
  • Good design helps good copywriting shine. That's why we compliment our content writing services with extensive project management expertise.
  • Working with us means receiving high quality, end-to-end marketing projects from the best professional video editors, web developers, illustrators, graphic designers, project managers, and event planners in town.

We’re a copywriting agency that is laser-focused on:

Technology changes over time,
writing does too.

What we were taught in school about writing has changed. Today, B2B and tech content writing involves character limitations, optimal word lengths, SEO keywords to identify and target, and much shorter attention spans to capture. Readers zig-zag from platform to platform and consume content in entirely new ways. Make every word in your tech, financial, and B2B marketing content count towards awareness and conversion.

Etymon offers conversational content writing services

Who has hired us for B2B copywriting?

Clients from both within APAC (Singapore, Australia, Thailand, and Malaysia) and beyond (India, France, Germany, and The Middle East) have entrusted Etymon with content writing projects involving a combination of blog writing, website copywriting, ebooks, case studies, infographics, white papers, and more.

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Copywriting that connects

B2B, tech, and finance companies we’ve written for

We’ve been roped in to provide copywriting services for projects managed by full-service marketing, PR, and digital agencies in Australia and Singapore. As a copywriting agency with regional expertise, we’ve helped our clients target audiences based in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Thailand, and beyond.

B2B, tech and finance brands we've written for

The Etymon equation for convincing content writing services

A content writing agency that combines art plus science for finance

Art + Science

A deep interest in behavioural psychology allows our B2B, tech, and financial content writers to capture unique viewpoints and reveal the unconscious effects of communications.

A copywriting agency that combines strategy and creativity for B2B clients

Strategy + Creativity

Our love of business and tech, combined with our passion for words, helps us to breathe new life into B2B, tech and financial content writing without overused buzzwords.

A copywriting agency that enjoys working collaboratively with tech startups

x Collaboration

We work closely with founders, product teams, engineers, data scientists, and the C-level to understand tech and financial products and develop tactical content marketing solutions.

A copywriting agency with a passion for words

˄ Passion

Not everyone is as passionate about tech and finance as we are. Our copywriters distil your expertise into digestible forms to help your audience understand the expediency of your technology. 

Experience the Etymon Effect

It doesn’t matter if you’re based in the United States, Australia, Singapore, India, or any other country.

Wherever you and your customers are at, we’ll craft a story that they’ll never forget!