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We reduce skepticism by giving your financial content a heartbeat.
Financial Copywriting

The rise of the financial writer

Finding a creative copywriter or SEO agency with knowledge in financial services can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

There are infinite ways to write about how money is spent, saved, earned, lost, and acquired. Yet, most financial writing we see uses jargon, scare tactics, buzzwords, or language that is forceful, vague, or patronising, all while overlooking SEO copywriting.

Creativity, accuracy, and compliance

Copywriting for financial services requires every blog, report or byline to find the balance between creativity, accuracy, compliance, and SEO.

That’s why hiring a B2B copywriting agency with in-house SEO experts can be more effective than hiring a freelance finance writer. When our content strategist and finance writers work in tandem, and we add our creative writers and SEO experts to the mix, magic happens!

Our financial writing and editing experience includes:

Our finance writers

It’s been said that the most important relationship in the world is between people and money, that’s why our financial writing experience cuts across a range of topics serving everyone from beginner financial readers to the financially savvy. We choose the most relevant finance writer from our team to suit your readers’ financial acumen.

Etymon writers can:

  • Explain complex concepts with simplicity and clarity
  • Create smart and witty copy for digital and social ads
  • Translate the thoughts of busy C-level executives into words
  • Construct in-depth analyses of evolving industry trends
Financial copywriting services - Etymon Singapore

The Etymon way


We write and edit high-quality financial content that is up-to-date with current trends, relatable to readers and educates them on their financial needs.


We write memorable and unique financial content that aligns with your brand voice. We know when to use industry jargon and, more importantly, when not to.


Our finance writers work closely with marketing, sales, and product teams and interview the C-suite in their lingo before translating into plain English for your readers.

SEO optimised

SEO is tricky for the finance industry as it faces ultra-competitive keywords. That’s why it’s important your financial writer has strong SEO knowledge.

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Client testimonials

“Since Etymon contributed to our marketing materials, we saw positive results across different channels. Their copy and story-telling made a significant difference to our email results which saw our open and clickthrough rates double.”

Maria Martinez, Ex-Marketing Director, Singsaver

“Etymon breathed new life into our newsletter, social, and campaign copy by always putting the user first and breaking down complex jargon into everyday speak. The results speak volumes. They took the time to understand our team, our products, and our mission and they were great communicators and collaborators, so much so the internal team wanted more and more of their time and attention.”

Jeffrey Oon, Head of Content, Singsaver

“We chose Etymon as they showed an understanding of the art and science of persuasion and they know how to appeal to both the rational and emotional side of human nature. With their ability to understand the conscious/non-conscious effects of writing, our blogs saw greater awareness in 2019.”

Joanna Tang, Head of Marketing, LU International