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Governments across Asia are pushing their digital initiatives — Singapore has its Smart Nation initiatives, Hong Kong its Smart City Blueprint, and Malaysia its Smart City Framework, but few tech-focused content writing agencies communicate clearly how these initiatives impact the average citizen.

To connect with citizens, governments need clear, consistent, and memorable messaging that resonates. When done well, content writing can play a bigger part in building tech inclusivity so that no one is left behind!

Attention spans are shorter than ever

Copywriting for the public sector has never been an easy task. Plain and understandable English has been the goal for decades, but when the web came along, writing suddenly got more complicated. Now, even the most complex issues need to be communicated quickly.

We have character limitations, optimal word counts, keywords to identify, and much shorter attention spans to capture. To compete for your reader’s attention, content writing needs to be clear and memorable.

Our government copywriting and editing experience covers:

About our B2B and tech content writers

What makes our copywriting agency different is that we have worked solely with tech-focused companies -from startups and SMEs to large corporations and MNCs. We’re well versed in the digital transformation space and IoT era, and we have a firm grasp on the latest technology trends. Our B2B, tech, and financial copywriters know how to:

  • Eliminate uncertainty by delivering messages with clear intent
  • Translate complex information for different audiences
  • Adjust writing styles based on different rules and regulations
  • Communicate a clear incentive and inspire stakeholders to participate
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The Etymon way

Etymon content writers are diverse


Our B2B and tech-focused content writers hail from diverse cultural, racial, and religious backgrounds, giving us a strong sense of empathy and the ability to keep the sensitivities of the wider community in mind.

Etymon content writers are tech-focussed


We’re passionate about driving tech and financial inclusiveness through the content that we write, and our writers are motivated to play a part in reducing the digital divide between socio-economic groups.

Etymon content writers are future-driven


As advocates for a tech-future, our mission is to write content that helps everyone, regardless of technical literacy, to understand how technology is changing the world so they too can participate and benefit.

Etymon content writers are consistent


When it comes to public communications trustworthiness shouldn’t be neglected. While we tailor our writing to each institution’s regulations, our content writers understand the importance of consistency.

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In a society awash with smartphones, apps, and social media, understanding your message is simply the first step. Your audience must also be able to remember your message and talk about your initiative. This requires using each form of content to its advantage and ensuring a consistent and creative message that complements the nuances of each platform.

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