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The in-demand B2B copywriter

Sure, everyone can write. But the reality is, if you don’t love writing, you’ll tend to resort to bad habits and superfluous words, because you’re more likely to cut corners.

When it comes to B2B content marketing and SEO, finding a writer that not only writes but can also create a story AND building an argument WHILE using a distinctive voice, motivating energy, and an inspiring attitude is – well, it’s rare!

It’s so much more than just writing

Beyond captivating headlines and a big vocabulary, SEO copywriting and content writing requires business acumen, strategic foresight, and the ability to inject personality to cut through the noise.

But, when it comes to B2B copywriting, many are mistaken that the writing lessons we were taught in school need to be followed. No pre-21st century English teacher would accept a sentence beginning in ‘but’ or ‘and’, would they? And yet, here we are!

Our B2B copywriting and editing experience

Our B2B copywriters and SEO experts

What makes our B2B content writing agency different is that we make sure real-life everyday talk doesn’t take a back seat and our content writers are aware of SEO best practices. Our content writers:

  • Enjoy figuring out how your customers think
  • Care about why your customers are reluctant to change
  • Know how to create and maintain momentum
  • Write conceptually, strategically and creatively
Our B2B copywriting and editing services - Etymon Singapore

The Etymon way

The surprise element

In the first 100 words, we’ll either surprise the reader, make them smile in agreement, or force them to think about something differently – ideally all at once. Everybody’s busy. We capture attention. Fast. 

Casual intelligence

Simplified writing and everyday language doesn’t mean unprofessional or dumbed down. Language is a big part of brand positioning, and forceful sales talk doesn’t resonate. Our writing is calm and confident. 


Like a song, an article should hit all the right notes and make your reader feel like it’s written for them. To achieve this, there’s a pace and rhythm needed to perfect long sentences, and the power of a short sentence should never be forgotten.

SEO optimised

In B2B marketing, SEO services are often underestimated. That’s why as part of our content writing service, we engage SEO experts who understand spiders better than people. When our botsmiths work closely with our wordsmiths, magic happens.

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Client testimonials

“We engaged Etymon as editors as they demonstrated a high vocabulary and acumen in the tech sector. Their content writers write in a way that is void of exaggerated and cliche buzzwords, and they deliver a human-centric style of writing that is still very business-oriented. We also engaged them for leadership branding projects.”

Irene T, Associate Director of Brand and Marcoms at StarHub

“Etymon's B2B copywriters used their writing skill to make our ideas even better. Their ability to develop messaging that combines a strategic yet creative message, that is consistent throughout all collaterals and aligned with our values is remarkable, especially considering they are based remotely.”

Samantha Lee, Business Development Director of Unicom Marketing

“Etymon’s ability to capture a company’s essence into their B2B content writing is something I have never seen before. Turning something technically written into something creative. Which is by no means an easy feat. We have yet to be disappointed with Etymon’s work.”

Reza N, Founder of IT BLOCK Pte. Ltd., VP, Sales & Technology

“I was looking for a B2B copywriter and at Etymon, I found a wizard! I had never explored the art of writing before, but after engaging Etymon for our B2B launch, that is exactly what I discovered. They showed a great sense of business acumen and a strategic approach in their writing style and I recommend their copywriting services to any companies struggling to get their message across. Their warm personality is also a big plus!”

Henry Lee, Founder of Shikari - Corporate Gifting

“It was nice working with Etymon for copywriting and creating our first landing page especially during this pandemic situation. A dynamic project manager & copywriting team that work collaboratively to deliver the landing page tailored to our needs & requirements.”

Angela Wong, Medical Affairs Manager at Taisho Pharmaceutical