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For all the technology wins, there are still plenty of misses

Nonprofit organisations are undergoing the same factory reset as for-profits. A period of reassessment is underway to determine the best way to operate and thrive in the evolving digital landscape.

As the world makes this shift, new technology has indeed made life faster, easier, and more collaborative – for some – but for others, technology has a lot more work to do to become truly inclusive.

Senior, minorities, and those with disabilities shouldn’t be left out

The Covid-19 pandemic has posed digital challenges for all walks of life, but it has been particularly challenging for people with disabilities, minorities, and seniors.

As we are on the brink of a digitised ecosphere, we need to make tech more accessible. That’s why we want to provide nonprofits with heavily discounted copywriting and SEO services.

How can our SEO-trained B2B copywriters help?

Although nonprofits are structured differently, we believe the recipe for success is the same as any business – to broadcast your message to the largest audience possible and connect with as many of those people as possible. That’s how we think we can help. Our tech-focused content writers who are all formally SEO trained are eager to support you as we:

  • Care about the struggles your stakeholders are facing
  • Enjoy figuring out how Google bots index websites
  • Know how to write in a way that motivates and inspires
  • Want to be apart of improving tech and financial inclusion
Etymon making sense of tech content writing

Every tech geek needs a word geek

The Etymon way

Etymon content writers are diverse


Our team of content writers hail from diverse cultural, racial, and religious backgrounds, giving us a strong sense of empathy and the ability to keep the sensitivities of the wider community in mind.

Our word geeks are tech-focussed


We provide content marketing to leading tech companies and promising tech and fintech startups so our writers are up-to-date with industry news and familiar with tech trends.

Our tech copywriters are collaborative


Our team has worked closely with subject matter experts and the C-level. We know how to ask the right questions and identify opportunities for multi-party partnerships.

Tech content writing needs to be SEO-driven


As the world continues to move digitally your online presence is your storefront and that means SEO shouldn’t be overlooked. Getting your cause ranked on page one is critical.

Everyone stands to gain.

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Businesses benefit.

Organizations that maximize accessibility have a lot to gain. It’s been proven by  Deloitte that diverse and inclusive workplaces are twice as likely to meet or exceed their financial targets.

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Employees benefit.

Diversity breed innovation. When companies commit to making their employees’ work environment conducive, they create a happier, healthier, and a more productive team.

A copywriting agency with a passion for words

Society benefits.

Accessible technology promotes active ageing, better mental health, and societal equity. Most importantly, it provides a fair and just environment for everyone to thrive in.

We want to play a part in achieving tech inclusiveness

While there are indeed many companies making tech accessibility a priority, we believe more can be done. Our tech and finance copywriters are ready to support any initiatives that drive tech inclusiveness, including but not limited to: