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If you’re looking for the answer to what is the best way to write engaging copy for websites, there’s endless online articles with rules, guides, best practices, and checklists. Doing it, however, isn’t easy. It’s not unusual to stockpile phrases for months, only to sit down to write and have them all disappear.

Writing about ourselves is hard

We should know, we survived off referrals and recommendations because it took us two years to write our own website!

The hardest part of writing your website copy, is taking the words out of your head and piecing them together in a coherent and engaging manner. It’s hard because the people reading your website have never heard of your business before so getting your messages across in a clear, accurate, and memorable way isn’t easy.

The curse of knowledge

The other difficulty lies in not wanting to spend money on copywriting services. After all, you live and breathe your business – no one knows your customer better than you.

However, the reality is it’s difficult, impossible even, to see your own website copy from a customers perspective. How can we imagine what it’s like to see our copywriting for the first time? Etymon can help.

B2B website copywriting is hard illustration

Every tech geek needs a word geek®

Website copywriting – The Etymon way

By engaging a copywriting agency to write your website copy, you’ll benefit as we’ll look at your website the same way your audience does – for the first time. We understand that you know your customers and business best, and that’s why we see it as our job to first ask questions to get inside your head. Then we do research so that we can tell your story in a way that accomplishes your goals.

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