Copywriting services: B2B email marketing

Our trusty friend Google tells us that the most commonly searched phrase on B2B email marketing is: Is email marketing still effective? We’re not surprised. It’s not uncommon to hear marketers say that email marketing is dead, while others swear by it. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. After all, what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Let’s double your eDM open rates

While we’re not an email marketing agency per se, and we don’t offer targeted email marketing services, we do know that a creative email can make a world of difference.

We can even prove the ROI of injecting creativity into an email. When granted permission to try something new, our copywriting has doubled open rates and click-through rates within just three months. We’ve done this by using our creative muscles to connect the seemingly unconnected.

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Every tech geek needs a word geek®

Email copywriting – the Etymon way

Above all, the email subject header is what drives open rates. That’s why we make our subject headers all about intrigue. If you give too much away in the subject header, people have no reason to open it. Intrigue trumps trust.

FAQs about Email marketing

Email marketing tends to get a bad rep due in part to spam emails, but email marketing is still alive and kicking. Having said that, a successful email marketing campaign is definitely not set in stone. To do email marketing well, it’s important to take into account that the average open rate, click-through rate, and click-to-open rate varies according to the industry that you are in. So, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Interestingly, it’s been reported that governments, non-profits and financial institutions tend to have higher engagement rates so we always recommend our copywriting services to clients in these industries.

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