SEO services for B2B, tech and finance sectors

When it comes time for a company to look for a new vendor, agency, or even new software, it turns out the people that work at these companies search for new options in the same way the people might search for a new pizza shop – they turn to Google. And when it comes time to validate that choice, the vast majority of those people won’t approach the company that offers that solution until they’ve consulted Google.

In many ways, Google has become the modern-day equivalent to word-of-mouth. And yet, we find that Search Engine Optimisation, SEO in the B2B, fintech and tech startup world is often overlooked and undervalued.

What page of Google is your company ranking when people search for your product or service?

SEO services involve a combination of technical fixes and copywriting so that Google ranks your site high when people search for products/services that you offer. Amid the fallout from COVID-19, the priority placed on SEO is growing rapidly.

Now that face-to-face events, sales meetings and product demonstrations have come to a screeching halt, and online searchers have skyrocketed, B2B marketers have realised the difference SEO can make, particularly as consumers no longer respond well to ads.

The challenge however is there are over 200 factors that impact how Google’s algorithms decide where your web pages are ranked.

We understand the challenges for tech startups

SEO – The Etymon way

Many well-intentioned SEO consultants believe that SEO is merely improving positions on Google in order to generate higher traffic and their job stops there. However, our SEO experts beg to differ.

Ranking high on Google search is simply the first step. Once you’re there, you still need to capture trust and instill credibility so you can convert that traffic to leads. That requires storytelling, and storytelling requires strategic and creative writing skill.

Beyond the standard technical fixes, competitor SEO intelligence, and research of high volume search phrases (keywords), our SEO experts work hand-in-hand with our B2B-focussed copywriters to:

1. Find creative ways to utilise SEO keywords on your web pages without resorting to keyword stuffing and buzzwords

2. Recommend ways to enhance your off-site content strategy and blog topic calendar to get better SEO results

3. Create eye-catching metadescriptions and page titles that standout and encourage people to click-through to your site

4. Write headers and CTA’s for your site that increase the time people spend on it, thereby sending positive signals to Google

What do our SEO services entail?

Comprehensive technical audits

We constantly check your site’s website health score to make sure the percentage Google has given it is above your competitors and we analyse your website’s interaction with Google.

Progressive site technical fixes

We resolve the technical issues flagged by Google on a monthly basis. By fixing this combination of issues, errors and warnings your potential to rank higher increases.

In-depth keyword research

Our focus on the B2B sector enables our team to perform highly effective keyword research that reveals what high volume search phrases will bring more traffic to your website.

Actionable competitor intelligence

We consolidate reports that show the keywords your competitors are targeting and ranking for, backlinks they’ve acquired, and their website performance.

Strategic keyword optimization

We make sure all content you’ve published online, including landing pages and third party sites are vetted thoroughly through our SEO copywriting lenses.

Authoritative link building

We use our industry knowledge to identify highly relevant, trustworthy, non competing and high-domain backlinks that will help boost your websites credibility.

Detailed monthly reports

We deliver monthly reports that detail your website performance changes, site health improvements, keywords position movements, organic traffic growth and Google visibility.

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