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Not all companies need full-scale SEO services

As face-to-face events, sales meetings, and product demonstrations have come to a screeching halt, online searchers have skyrocketed. While a Google search will confirm that SEO services are critical there’s simply no denying that SEO requirements for B2B, tech or finance related businesses are different.

It’s true- there are more people than ever on the internet. And yes, that includes business people. But, when it comes to B2B, tech, and finance buyers, they tend to be more aware of their options and that means the search phrases they use are more specific. That’s why you need an SEO agency that’s deeply aware of industry trends and terms in the business, finance and tech sector.

Not all companies need full-scale SEO services

What page of Google search is your company ranking?

While SEO services traditionally involve technical fixes (drawn out over a long six-month contract), we’ve discovered most of our B2B clients are benefiting in search engine ranking, and getting a boost in website traffic, from a few simple copywriting fixes that can be done within weeks, not months.

The reality is, SEO in the B2B, tech and finance world requires different skills and knowledge – keyword stuffing isn’t going to cut it. The keywords a B2B, tech or finance company targets must relate to the problems the company is trying to solve, and include industry jargon that customers experiencing these problems use.

Keyword research also involves understanding and juggling the perspectives of multiple buyers within the typical B2B or finance company. After all, the way the marketing team responds to a landing page is going to be very different from the way an IT team will respond.

What page of Google search is your company ranking?

Every tech geek needs a word geek®

SEO – The Etymon way

Sometimes, all it takes to see a difference is targeting the right keywords and having the meta tags in place – especially if you have an in-house developer on your team whom we can guide for the technical fixes. Far beyond the standard technical fixes involved in B2C SEO, our SEO- trained content writers will:

1. Find creative ways to utilise SEO keywords on your web pages without resorting to keyword stuffing and buzzwords

2. Recommend ways to enhance your on-site content strategy and blog topic calendar to get better SEO results.

3. Create eye-catching meta descriptions and page titles that standout and encourage people to click-through.

4. Write headers and CTA’s for your site that increase the time people spend on it, thereby sending positive signals to Google.

What do our bite-sized SEO services entail?

In-depth keyword research

Keyword research

Our focus on the B2B, tech, and finance sector enables our team to perform highly effective keyword research that reveals what high-volume search phrases will bring more traffic to your website.

Optimised meta tags

Optimised meta tags

We apply the best SEO practices to your website – including properly structured and keyword optimised URLs, page titles, and meta tags. And don’t worry about getting chained down with long-term SEO packages – we deliver à la carte.

Optimised meta tags

On-site optimisation

We make sure all your existing content and landing pages that you’ve published are vetted thoroughly through our SEO copywriting lens. We make the necessary edits in your body copy to improve your page ranking.

Detailed monthly reports

Monthly reports

We deliver monthly reports that detail your website performance changes, keywords position movements, organic traffic growth, Google visibility and competitor intelligence.

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