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News flash. TikTok may be taking the world by storm, but journalists are still the ones who are having their DMs flooded. The iconic press release still remains one of the most important tools in B2B marketing, and your press release writer has the tough job of announcing your product on the saturated social media scene.

There’s plenty of opportunities if you write a good press release

Now, let’s be upfront about this – we’re not a PR agency, and we do not have the contact list that a PR agency would use to get your article placed. But, we are a team of B2B, tech, and finance focussed copywriters. and we do know how to write a compelling story.

That’s why we’re often asked to write, or edit, press releases – sometimes even by PR agencies. What makes our press release writing different is that we ask ourselves, “so what, who cares?” and we write in a way that answers that question for your readers.

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Tips for writing B2B press releases – The Etymon way

It’s easy to find and fill in the blanks of a highly uniformed press release template, after all, the anatomy of a press release is pretty similar. But, with a little bit of creative writing, you can turn a dry and boring press release into something fun to read and remember.

Don’t forget about your boiler

At the end of your press release is a section that’s typically titled, About Company_name. It’s also known as a boiler. A boiler is essentially a slightly longer elevator pitch or a shorter ‘About us’ website page. It’s typically one paragraph, and it should sum up who your company is, what you do, who you do for, and why you exist.

Don’t forget about SEO

As press releases are often distributed to hundreds of websites, and industry news sites they can also help you improve your search engine ranking. Your press release should be written with high volume keywords in mind, as well as links to your website so that you can obtain backlinks from those sites that are running your press release.

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FAQs about writing press releases

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