Editorial guidelines for content marketers

Whether you call them style guides, content guidelines, or editorial guidelines, any company that works with multiple teams, agencies, or freelance writers should have a rulebook that grounds their content and ensures consistency. Unless you have the same writer producing everything your company publishes, editorial guidelines are just as critical as brand guidelines.

Is consistent messaging really that important?

Yes! In the B2B world, people rarely buy in an instant. Buyers tend to do more research, consider other options, and wait until the time is right. That means brand consistency requires more than a logo, a fixed font, and signature colours. The message needs to remain consistent throughout the sales lifecycle.

When it comes to the evaluation stages of the sales funnel, we believe a big part of building trust is the words we use, and the way we use them. Your potential buyer is exposed to multiple forms of content and when they receive the message consistently, we believe it heightens the trust factor. A heightened trust level is of course what helps influence a purchasing decision.

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Editorial guidelines – The Etymon way

Whether it be blogs, industry reports, website copy, or social media posts, the voice, tone, and style should be consistent so that the trust-building process can be shortened. With an editorial guide, you can ensure every piece of content looks, sounds, and feels like it’s coming from the same company.

FAQs about writing editorial guidelines:

If you’re not sure how to go about establishing your writing style, contact us.