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As a copywriting agency with a particular focus on long-form content writing, we probably shouldn’t say this, but, we read online videos are 600% more effective than other forms of content marketing. While this is probably a well-known fact, and it’s becoming more accepted in the B2B marketing world, creating great video content isn’t easy.

Every B2B content marketing plan needs video

When it comes to explaining complex technical, finance, or B2B concepts, videos are the second-best B2B marketing tool – in-person and face-to-face are naturally more effective. However, to communicate at scale, especially during a pandemic, videos are a much needed part of an effective B2B content marketing plan.

While the thought of producing longer videos can paralyse marketers – it can certainly be costly and time-consuming – the great thing about video content is it lasts longer, gets higher click-throughs, and it’s more versatile. Video content can also be used across all stages of the buyer’s journey and benefit internal and external audiences.

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Tips for writing video scripts – The Etymon way

When it comes to writing B2B video scripts for recorded videos, or even scripts for B2B webinars, the inconvenient truth is what looks good in print, usually doesn’t work on screen. Video is a whole different ball game. Here’s how we prevent viewers from turning off your video and help them remember your message three days later:

9.99 times out of 10, the person watching your video doesn’t have the same love for your company that you do. They may have just stumbled upon your video as they’re tired from reading, or maybe their boss asked them to attend the webinar. That’s why we never assume that the audience watching are interested. Instead, it’s our job to make them interested.

The rise of webinars and online events

Among the many new things B2B marketers have experienced in 2020, the rise of webinars and online events is arguably the most significant. Without the need for a camera crew, it’s as easy as ever to find a willing participant, a smartphone or laptop, and an internet connection, and run an online event.

But, what started out as a great way to attract leads has turned into an onslaught of carbon-copy webinars. To win the attention of your audience, who can now walk away from the event as easy as ever, marketers need to raise the bar. Our B2B copywriters can help achieve this by transferring your enthusiasm onto the screen in a receptive way.

As virtual meetings and events seem likely to remain a key part of B2B marketing and sales strategies, finding a way to keep the conversation going post-event is also important. We recommend engaging our content writers to follow up with some bite-size written content, including eDM’s and social media posts in order to get maximum benefit from your online webinar.

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