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Technical Copywriting Tangle

The need for tech content writers

The tech industry is a competitive market that struggles with user-centric writing. It’s flooded with unnecessary jargon, acronym overload, and incomplete, inconsistent, and immemorable messages.

This happens because tech teams are simply too close to the product to understand consumer resistance. Before your audiences bow to the expediency that your technology provides, there is an art and science to taming tech speak.

Beyond instruction manuals

Tech writers don’t just write instruction manuals. Technical writing involves breaking down any form of high-level information and making it easy for all levels of technical competency to understand it.

But, when it comes to tech content writing, you shouldn’t forgo creativity. Creative writing is needed to help non-tech-savvy audiences connect and understand technical concepts faster.

Our tech content writing and editing experience covers:

About our tech content writers

Tech content writing isn’t rocket science – but it can be about rocket science. The distinction here is important.

What happens is, by the time our tech content writers have finished writing about your tech product, we have understood something new, and when that happens, it means your audience will too. Our tech content writers are:

  • Driven to understand your technology
  • Passionate about guiding non-tech savvy users
  • Able to connect the seemingly unconnected
  • Committed to ensuring your message is consistent
Etymon making sense of tech content writing

Every tech geek needs a word geek®

Tech content writing services: the Etymon way

Etymon's tech content writers are curious


Like a journalist, our tech content writers are motivated to find the story. We achieve this by identifying both the noticeable and hidden effects of your technology.

Etymon's word geeks are tech-focussed


We’re fluent in tech speak and we’re driven to learn complex concepts quickly. We’re passionate about being in this space.

Etymon's tech copywriters are collaborative


Our tech copywriters work closely with product experts to communicate value. We ask questions to unearth unspoken truths and write to drive action.

Tech content writing needs to be SEO-driven


SEO in tech content writing is overlooked and underestimated. You’re competing in the big leagues now so our tech copywriters will ensure you can be seen.

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In a society awash with smartphones, apps, and social media, understanding your message is simply the first step. Your audience must also be able to remember your message and talk about your solution. That requires using each form of content to its advantage and ensuring consistent and memorable messaging that suits the platform.

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