The need for technical writers

The tech industry is a complicated and competitive market that struggles with a lack of user-centric writing. It is flooded with unnecessary jargon, acronym overload, and incomplete, inconsistent, and immemorable messages.

This happens because tech teams are simply too close to the product to write for consumers. Before your audiences bow to the expediency that your tech provides, there is an art and science to taming tech speak.

Beyond instruction manuals

Technical writers don’t just write instruction manuals. Technical content writing involves breaking down any form of high-level specialised information and making it easy for all levels of technical competency to understand it.

But, when it comes to tech writing, you shouldn’t forgo creativity. Creative tech writing is very-must needed to help non-tech-savvy audiences connect with your message. A creative analogy not only simplifies, but gives the reader something to visualise.

Our tech writing and editing experience

Our tech writers

Technical writing isn’t rocket science – but it can be about rocket science.

While we might not be rocket scientists, by the time we’ve finished writing about your tech product, we have understood something new, and that means your audience will too. Our technical writers are:

  • Driven to understand your technology
  • Passionate about guiding non-tech savvy users
  • Able to connect the seemingly unconnected
  • Committed to ensuring your message is consistent

The Etymon way


Like a journalist, we’re motivated to find the story and we do so with originality and enthusiasm. This is achieved by identifying both the noticeable and hidden effects of your technology


We’re not qualified tech geeks, but we have the capacity, drive and willingness to learn complex technology quickly and we’ve worked closely with data scientists, product teams and engineers.


We work closely with subject matter experts and product teams to communicate their tech’s true value. We ask questions to unearth unspoken truths and write fresh copy that drives action.

SEO optimised

SEO in tech content writing is overlooked and underestimated. You’re competing in the big leagues, so we’ll make sure you can be found online and stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Recommended content marketing services for tech companies

In a society awash with smartphones, apps, and social media, understanding your message is simply the first step.

Your audience must also be able to remember your message and talk about your solution. That requires using each form of content to it’s advantage and ensuring consistent and memorable messaging that suits the platform.

Client testimonials

“Etymon might be a new copywriting agency, but we felt confident with them as we saw them work very hard (not just lip service). There are many content writing agencies that charge the same price only to send junior folks whose commitment is not of the same standard. What makes Etymon different is we were able to lean on them to manage the end-to-end production of various marketing assets.”

Dr Andrew Ang, COO and Co-founder of AiDA Technologies

COO and Co-founder of AiDA Technologies

“Etymon provided a long-term outlook for our content & showed ability in syncing our message across multiple platforms. They did so without reinventing the wheel & deviating from our core values. They enhanced our tech content by capturing high-level insights and unique viewpoints that we missed being so close to the product.”

Gaurang Torvekar, Founder and CEO of Indorse

Founder and CEO of Indorse

“Working with Etymon in 2019 allowed us to focus on our main work as the tech writer took care of the ideas and arrangements on how to best present our content. They were on time in delivery and were able to adapt to the writing style that fitted our brand. Pleasure working with Etymon.”

Nicholas Yeoh, Director at Rectifier Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd

Director at Rectifier Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd