Copywriting services – Proposals, Grants, and Award Submissions

Writing a grant proposal involves so much more than ticking off boxes within the submission criteria. Increase your chances of receiving startup funding with proposals that tell a story and convinces stakeholders of your worth and value.

Be different, be memorable, don’t be generic.

There are so many different award options out there, especially for tech startups, and it’s tempting to write a generic award entry and mass-send. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as each event has its own quirks. You might get shortlisted, but to win, the award entry needs to be written in a way that is memorable and that requires a combination of persuasive and creative writing.

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Tips for writing award submissions – The Etymon way

Writing about ourselves in a persuasive and creative way, however, isn’t easy. It’s very similar to website copywriting. Taking the words out of your head and piecing them together in a coherent and engaging manner is difficult, so here’s what we suggest:

FAQ’s about writing award submissions

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