Blog writing, bylines and editorial content

If you’re not reaping higher traffic and leads from your blog it’s easy to conclude that website blogs do not work. But, when done right, onsite blog content can be an effective B2B marketing tool. The problem arises when content marketing strategies, blog writing and SEO are not done hand-in-hand.

We think there are three reasons for this.

  • First, the SEO services are performed by a separate agency to the content writing agency.
  • Second, the content writing is done without any comprehensive content strategy.
  • Third, the writing is offshored to writers who are not given enough exposure to the content strategy.

In our experience, we’ve generated better results when the SEO services and content writing services are both within our purview and we work closely with our clients and B2B copywriters to meet the content objectives.

We understand the challenges for tech startups

We write for people, AND google bots

If you’re not up-to-date with the latest SEO algorithms, here’s the rundown – since the introduction of Google hummingbird (the introduction of semantic search), it’s common to hear people say you should write for people, NOT SEO. But we think that you can still write for Google bots without insulting the intelligence of your reader, and you can still write for people without diminishing an article’s SEO value.

We achieve that by having an experienced SEO expert and B2B copywriter work in tandem. Together, they ensure your living and breathing readers are engaged while the Google bots know how to index your content.

Our not-so-secret
blog writing approach

Our blog content writing seeks to provide your readers with new perspectives in a respectful way, inspire them to think differently, and motivate them to take action. The way we do this differs from industry to industry and company to company, but we hold strong reign on three basic principles:

Our blog writing principles

To strengthen your message our blog content always includes credible statistics from non-competing sources and authoritative external links. Where appropriate we will also source externally, or recommend internal quotes from senior management.

Not only is our content writing approach unique but so is our approach to SEO copywriting, and that’s why we get results. We create unique page titles and meta descriptions that stand out to both human readers and Google bots.

Our blog articles are easy to navigate as we use subheaders to guide readers and search engines. We also ensure relevant CTA’s as well as internal links, to minimise bounce rates and guide your readers to other relevant areas of your site.

Blogs vs bylines vs editorial content

Blog writing aside, it’s important for SEO purposes to get the right combination of onsite and offsite content by using a combination of byline articles, editorial content and onsite blogs.

  • A byline article is a form of off-site content that can be used to drive traffic to your website. It’s called a byline because there’s a line showing the author’s name at the beginning of the article which means it is attributed to a person within your company, rather than being anonymous. A byline tends to be more opinion-based, affectionately known as thought leadership.
  • Editorial content is an article that is published on a third-party platform. It’s purpose is to drive traffic to your website however it is usually not attributed to a person and it tends to be less advertorial in nature. There is usually a cost involved to publish editorial content on a third-party platform and they require 100% original content, meaning it can’t be a blog that is published on your site.

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