Content Writing and Editing Services for SecureAge Technology

What content writing services did Etymon provide?

Etymon was initially hired for website copywriting support and product messaging consultancy advice over a 6 month period when SecureAge launched their new website. Since then, we’ve continued providing SecureAge with SEO copywriting, UX copywriting, and copyediting support in their blogs, social media marketing, white papers, press releases, and software UI.

Who is SecureAge technologies?

SecureAge Technology is a data security solution provider with a 19-year history of ZERO plain data breaches. SecureAge places equal importance on both security and user experience so that employees can smoothly operate in safe digital environments.

The copywriting style

SecureAge knows that they have a superior product, and are not afraid of telling it like it is — simply because they understand the impact of data security breaches. They also know that the solution to data security is simple, and seek to communicate that to their audience using a refreshing, honest, and approachable voice.  

Creative writing25%
Formal writing5%
Conversational writing30%
Technical writing20%
SEO copywriting20%

Every tech geek needs a word geek®

More details of our copywriting…

Etymon Portfolio - SecureAge

Etymon’s content strategists worked closely with SecureAge’s Chief Marketing Officer to determine their writing style and brand personality. Etymon’s copywriters also collaborated with product managers to understand the complexity and selling points of SecureAge’s data security solutions, leading to the production of over 25 SEO landing pages.

Increased web traffic

Contract renewal

100% remote

Client feedback

Jeremy Hutcherson, Chief Marketing Officer at SecureAge - Etymon
“We choose Etymon as copywriters for our new website and industry whitepapers, and we are impressed with the outcomes. They displayed a strong ability to translate tech-speak, they understood our products at a deep level, and they created a unique brand voice. We recommend Etymon for any copywriting services in the tech space.”

Jeremy Hutcherson, CMO, SecureAge Technology

Experience the Etymon effect

If you’re not familiar with the current B2B content writing and SEO trends, speak to us.

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