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Digital product brochures are an effective B2B marketing tool for your readers to consume on the go. Just don’t repurpose your website copy if you wish to generate quality leads and conversions. Write persuasive product brochures and eBooks by engaging professional copywriters.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Some B2B marketers believe that brochures are no longer important in our digital world, but our clients have told us they want to avoid an overreliance on any one channel and a balanced B2B marketing strategy is needed to cater to various types of decision-makers.

  • Our tech clients, in particular, have found product brochures to be effective sales tools — especially when their sales teams are unavailable and their prospects need information quickly. As hard as your sales teams may try, they can only be in one place at a time.
  • Similarly, our B2B clients have told us that their audience often asks for printed material, particularly at trade events. They have also told us that the use of brochures has complemented their internet marketing activities.
  • Our fintech clients have said that a well-produced brochure has helped establish their reputation. They also tend to create a PDF version of the brochures to be used as gated content on their website, or sent to prospects via email.
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Tips for writing B2B brochures – The Etymon way

Our not-so-secret recipe for writing an effective B2B brochure is to always answer the who, what, when, where and why questions that your audience will have. By doing so, you avoid confusing and frustrating your audience and chasing them into the welcoming arms of your competition. Other B2B brochure writing tips include:

Repurposing your website copy?
Step away from the keyboard

There are so many reasons why your website copy should be different from your brochure copy, but let’s just look at the three main ones.

  • First, a B2B website is read in a non-linear fashion. People will enter your site from different pages, and navigate as they wish. It’s rare that someone will visit every page and read every word. Brochures, on the other hand, are more likely to be read in a linear fashion. Even if the reader skips a section that doesn’t interest them, they’ll still read the brochure from A to Z.
  • You’ll also be repeating yourself if your website copy is used on your brochure, and this can result in missed opportunities. While every business is different, most websites are geared towards the top of the funnel, targeting those buyers in the awareness, or discovery stage. Whereas a brochure tends to be better suited for buyers in the evaluation stages, which often means they are seeking more information.
  • Websites also require the copy to be optimised for search engines, but since brochures are usually printed or emailed, SEO copywriting is less of a priority when writing brochures.
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FAQs about writing B2B product brochures:

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