Whitepaper writing services for Agorize

What copywriting services did Etymon provide?

While innovation is on the tip of every finance professional’s tongue, reality on the ground is often far different. Finance conglomerates in particular struggle to implement technology and innovation due to various regulatory obligations. As an accelerator for finance organisations, Agorize wanted to draft a whitepaper that would outline the fiscal consequences that insurance companies would face if they did not adapt — one that would arrest their attention and spur them into action.

Who is Agorize?

Agorize is an incubator and accelerator that connects universities and other educational institutions with startups and tech firms to assist with talent attraction, workforce retention, business transformation, digitalisation, and more. Through a combination of hackathons, challenges, events, and tech solutions, Agorize seeks to help their clients break the mould and explore non-traditional hiring, training, and business expansion methods.

The copywriting style

Our copywriters had to present hard statistics that outlined the importance of finance innovation in an engaging and readable manner, while also working closely with Agorize’s entrepreneurship specialists to map out actionable steps that insurance and banking companies could take to make impactful changes. This required wordsmithing to define what true innovation looked like, as well as demonstrating a thorough understanding of industry-specific difficulties in compliance.

Creative writing30%
Strategic writing25%
Conversational writing30%
Technical writing15%
SEO copywriting0%

Every tech geek needs a word geek®

More in details of our whitepaper writing approach…


Innovation for innovation’s sake is meaningless. In order to encourage insurance providers to use Agorize’s services, our copywriters ensured that the content highlighted the long term benefits that banking and insurance companies could expect from innovation. Namely: Greater employee retention and business growth, as well as lowered bottom lines.

The results of our content writing

Fast turnarounds

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Client approval

Experience the Etymon effect

If you need some help convincing B2B clients to work with you, speak to us. We’ll steer your content in a direction that will have them opening up their wallets in no time.

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