What is Etymon?

The original source of a word

What do we do best?

Creative Content Writing and Copywriting Services:

We give your storefront SEO words that drive action. A simplified yet eye-catching message.

Website / App Copy

Video is on the rise. Engaging script writing will hold your viewer's attention.

Video Scripts

Be in charge of the conversation - a narrative that will make you the go-to industry person. 

Leadership Branding

We study the competition and design the battle plan so you can lead

the combat.

Content Strategy

Consistency is the key to success. With consistency your brand is

more memorable.

Editorial Guidelines

Blogs have evolved. We write human-centric stories that connect with your product & brand.

Blog Writing

The modern-day letterbox needs messages that resonate and

drive action.

Email Marketing

Ads can be cheesy and patronising - we help you stand out in a cluttered space.

Digital Ads

Sometimes all you need is a

fresh set of eyes.

Editing & Proofreading

Ghostwriting service available for agencies

More details coming soon ...

Beyond captivating headlines and a big vocabulary,

we're obsessed with consistency, we prefer simplicity

and we're deeply motivated to create memorable messages

What is the Etymon difference?

We write copy that connects.


 Our network of experienced and qualified writers have skills in 




Business Strategy


Real Estate

Information Technology




This combined with our deep interest in behavioural psychology

 allows us to provide a holistic approach to content marketing.


We work closely with founders, product teams, engineers, and senior business leaders

to develop tactical content solutions that create awareness, enhance understanding and generate conversions.

That is the Etymon effect.

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